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Badrinath is one of the biggest temple and a holly place, where people visit every year so book today for Badrinath Dham Yatra (Tour) at lowest cost and quality service Travel guide will be available for this awesome visit in Uttarakhand.

Badrinath Dham is one of the most beautiful holy places in India. it is located in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand Sate.It is a town located at the elevation 3,100 Meters (10,170 feet). This Dham is dedicated to God Vishnu. Thousands of pilgrims around the year come here to get the blessing of Vishnu and to explore the beauty of Nature. Badrinath is one of the most visited holy places in Uttarakhand as well as in India. Architecture of Badrinath temple is very attractive and it is build in a conical Shape. Badrinath town is situated in the middle of Nar and Narayan Temple and at the bank of holy river Alaknanda. One will easily fall in love with this amazing holy place located in chamoli district of uttarakhand state. Here is a Tapta Kunda also which gives relief to all the pilgrims who take the bath into it. Badrinath dham is full of pilgrims and tourists during the kapat are opened. According to legends this temple was established by Adi Shankaracharya. As we all know that this temple is dedicated to God Vishnu so here we are going to tell you the story behind this temple. It is believed that Vishnu came to this place for the meditation but he was not aware of this of the cold weather of this place. When he under goes to the meditation for a long time then there was a heavy snowfall so to keep continue the mediation of Vishnu, Goddess Laxmi stood next to him sheltering him from affect of Weather and turned into a Badri (Tree) called. After The meditation Vishnu was happy from goddess Laxmi Work so here was a Badrikashram.

Badrinath Dham Tour and travel Photos
Badrinath Dham Tour and travel Photos

Book Badrinath Dham yatra Tour Travel Guide

Badrinath Dham is one of the easiest Dham to access. It is well connected by road. Here you don’t need to do trekking to reach main temple. Due to its easy accessibility thousands of devotees, Tourists and explores come here every year. Bus and taxi services are available from different places like Delhi, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Srinagar Garhwal , Rudraprayag etc. Distance from Delhi to Badrinath is 518 km, from Haridwar 321km , from Dehradun 343 km , 297 km from Rishikesh etc. So it will take 2 days to reach from Delhi to badrinath. If you are planning to visit here then you have to stay one night in Srinagar , Rudraprayag, Joshimath or karnaprayag etc so that day next you can reach Badrinath on the right time. During the Season of Badrinath dham There are so many Government and private bus services available from different place to the Badrinath Dham. IF you are Coming from Delhi then you have to follow this route Delhi-haridwar-Rishikesh-Srinagar garhwal-Rudraprayag-Gauchar-Karnaprayag-Joshimath-Badrinath. This is the easiest Tour Travel Guide for Badrinath Dham.


Badrinath Dham Tour and travel Photos
Badrinath Dham Tour and travel Photos

Best Places to visit In Badrinath Dham

Here are many other places which you can visit after temple. Here are so many cold water streams which make tourist more happy and they forget all their tiredness of their trip. Most of tourists and pilgrims use to visit last Village of India that Mana Village. Near mana village there many other small temples, caves, and origine of Alaknanda/ Saraswati River. When we go to mana village there we can see the Mana Villagers and how they survive in tough condition. They are mostly depend on season during the winter season they come to Joshimath or other places. Here is Vyas Gufa (cave) where he gave the lecture to Ganesha to write Mahabharata. After few meter there is another cave that is Ganesh Gufa (cave) here Ganesha wrote the Mahabharata. After visiting these two holy temples people use to drink the tea in Bharat Ki Antim Chai Ki Dukan (last tea stall of India) This is written on a tea stall because after that there are no other shops and china Border is starts after few kilometers. Special Thing about the tea of Badrinath Dham is that it have the Flavor of Tulsi or you can say it is Tulsi Chai. After drinking this tea one can forget all his tiredness and  and get some energy for next trekking to Vashudhara. After Last tea stall of India there is the Origin of Saraswati River it is having really very aggressive form at the origin. Devotees use to collect this holy water. Bheem Pul is just over this river. Story behind Sarswati River and Bheem Pul is that When Pandavas were going to Swarga but because they were having sins so the saraswati river converted herself into Aggression form and Draupadi was not able to cross this river so Bheema who was most powerful lifted a huge rock of Stone and placed it over the Saraswati river which today is known as the Bhim Pul. So here many other place to visit which we are listing in a table so that you can easily make the list of Best places to visit In Badrinath Dham

S.No.  Places to visit In Badrinath dham
1.  Tapt Kund
2.  Brahma Kapal
3.  Mana Village
4.  Vyas Gufa
5.  Ganesha Gufa
6.  Bheem Pul
7.  Origin Of Saraswati River
8.  Charan Paduka
9.  Mata Murti Temple
10.  Vashudhara
Bheem Pul Places to visit In badrinath
Bheem Pul Places to visit In badrinath
 Places to visit In badrinath dham photos
Places to visit In badrinath dham Photos

Conclusion- Badrinath Dham Tour and Travel Guide

Badrinath Dham is only open for six month mostly from May start to October. During the winter season due to Heavy snowfall people can not reach here easily so the main idol of this Temple is worshiped in Pandukeshwar. Badrinath dham is best and worth place to all the devotees of Vishnu and Trure Travellers. Above we have mentioned the Tour & Travel Guide of Badrinath Dham Which will definitely help you. If you need kind of help related to Badrinath Tour , Travel and Hotels you can contact us. Before reaching Badrinath here are two popular trekking destination that are Hemkund Saheb which is Center of faith of Sikh People and another place is Valley Of Flowers It is one of the amazing place of india where there are alomost 20000 verieties of Flowers. So if you want more information these places then comment below. We hope this post will help you have a great day ahead 🙂

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