kedarnath temple opening date, Photos

KEDARNATH is a very famous Hindu temple dedicated to legend of gods ‘SHIVA’ . A holy temple in uttarakhand India, known as Kedarnath is related to Hindu Rituals. KEDARNATH is one of the Chaar dham and it is also one of 12 Jyotirlinga located at the elevation of 3583m above sea level. Due to extreme weather […]

TRIYUGINARAYAN temple is an ancient temple dedicated to lord Vishnu , located in Triyuginarayan village of Rudraprayag district . The fame of the temple is credited to the god Shiva’s and goddess Parvati marriage witnessed by lord vishnu. Triyuginarayan word is made up of three words, ‘TRI” which means three, “YUGI” which means era or a […]

Robbers cave guchupani Photos

Robbers cave  is one of nearest picnic spot located at the distance of 8 km from city center. Cold water stream within natural cave attracts thousands of tourists around the year. Robbers cave is mostly visited by young guys and couples of dehradun city. In summer season robbers cave is use to be very rush […]

Bhatta fall mussoorie photos

Bhatta Fall is one of the most frequently visited place in dehradun located at the distance of 7 km from mussoorie. Bhatta fall is recently developed as a Picnic Spot. bhatta fall is best destination for photographers and nature lovers . Nature’s beauty of Bhatta Fall attracts thousands of tourists around the year .Cold water […]

Asan barrage is a barrage located it uttarakhand- himanchal border region at dakpatthar.Asan barrage is situated at the confluence of Easter Yamuna Canal and Asan River and about 11 km (7 mi) from Dakpathar, and 28 km. northwest of Dehradun.The barrage is 287.5m long and the river bed is raised to an elevated height of 389.4mts above sea […]

RAM JHULA is  a suspension bridge situated at muni ki reti in tihri garhwal. Ram jhula was build in 1986 over river ganga Ram jhula is longer than LAKSHMAN JHULA . It is 750 feet long iron suspension bridge connecting swargashram and gita bhawan. Ram Jhula offers panoramic view of river Ganga . it is […]

DAAT KALI temple center of faith of hindus located in dehradun at the distance of 7.7 km from I.S.B.T DEHRADUN. The temple is dedicated to godess kali mata therefore visited by thousands of devotees every year. People used to come here when they buy new vehicle .Temple was established on june 13th 1804 on sashti […]

Places to visit near Chamba Rishikesh Photos

LAKSHMAN JHULA  is a famous suspension bridge located in tihri district at rishikesh. it is build over ganga river . Lakshman jhula suspension bridge was build in 1929 in british rule. bridge was constructed by u.p p.w.d during 1927-1929. length of lakshman  jhula is 450 feet . it is connecting pauri district with tihri district […]

Trayambakeshwar temple is one of the famous temple in rishikesh located near Laxman jhula .The multi storey temple is mainly dedicated to Lord Shiva but there are many other hindu deities inside the temple. 13 storied building of this temple makes more attractive to pilgrims and it is also popularly known as 13 manjil temple.Temple […]

Shikhar fall is one of the famous picnic spot for youngsters and couples located in dehradun  . it is located in rajpur ,and the distance from the clock tower is 13km . Shikhar fall is very easy to access from dehradun. shikhar fall is best place for photographer because here they can find number of […]

TAPKESHWAR is a famous and most visited temple of Lord Shiva situated at the distance of 6.5 km from dehradun city.It is famous for its shivling which is in a natural cave. As water droplets drops on shivling hence called as Tapkeshwar.Due to its short distance from dehradun city every year thousands of pilgrims , […]

Book Char Dham Yatra Tour from Delhi by Car

  Badrinath is a popular religious town located in chamoli district of uttarakhand state. It is also one of the famous char dham.It is located at the elevation of 3,133 meter above sea level. Badrinath temple is dedicated to Lord VISHNU . Town lies between NAR and NARAYAN mountains ranges and in the bank of […]