TRIYUGINARAYAN temple is an ancient temple dedicated to lord Vishnu , located in Triyuginarayan village of Rudraprayag district . The fame of the temple is credited to the god Shiva’s and goddess Parvati marriage witnessed by lord vishnu. Triyuginarayan word is made up of three words, ‘TRI” which means three, “YUGI” which means era or a […]

KHADIYA (deepgaon) is a beautiful village located in Ukhimath tehsil of Rudraprayag district.It is situated 56km from rudraprayag and 14km away from Guptkashi. As per 2009 stats, Khariya village is itself a gram panchayat. total area of village is almost 146.19 hectares. Khariya has a total population of around 650 peoples. There are about 135 […]

       About Phata Rudraprayag- PHATA is a small town located in Ukhimath block of Rudraprayag district.Phata is at the distance of 56km from rudraprayag. it comes on the way of kedarnath so many pilgrims stop here for night stay and refreshments. phata is mainly famous for helicopter services to kedarnath and  Hotel & […]