kali mata temple in rudraprayag-kalimath

Uttarakhand is the land of gods and goddess, here are thousands of temple which are the center of faith. Kalimath Temple is one of them, located in Rudraprayag district at the elevation of 1800 ft on the bank of holy mandakini river.

This temple is dedicated to goddess kali mata where the lower part is use to worship. It is one of the 108 famous shakti peeth of India .lower part of goddess kali is worshiped here and the upper is worshiped in dhari devi.During the Navratras thousands of devotees visit here .

The people of this region use to come here for the blessing of goddess when they buy new vehicle , and new married couples also come here for the blessing of goddess kali ma . Locally it is also known as Kaviltha , Famous poet Kalidas was also born in this village .

this is the picture of maha saraswati and laxmi temple in kalimath

saraswati & laxmi temple – kalimath







Story and Facts about Kalimath Temple- It is one of the ancient temple of uttarakhand which have many stories and facts . There is no idol of goddess kali mata instead a Shri Yantra which made of silver is worshiped .

According to legends when the strength of two demons Shumbh and Nishumbh was increasing . All gods were worried about them so the solution was to pray to Durga Maa in her form of Parvati. Then goddess Parvti created her another form called Ambika.When two demons Chand and Munda saw the dazzling light in the beautiful form of Ambika, They went to the Shumbh and Nishumbh and said, here is a  most beautiful female in the entire Universe.” They described her beauty in such superlative terms that Shumbh and Nishumbh could not resist sending their messenger Sugreeva  to bring her to them.Sugreeva reached to Ambika and extolled the virtues of his masters Shumbh and Nishumbh to influence the Goddess. Goddess put a condition that the one who will win the war with me will be my master . Sugreeva said this story to his masters Shumbh and Nishumbh , they again send another demons to bring her , but he was also not able . Then the war begins between demons and goddess Ambika in which all demons were killed.

Many years ago there was a custom of sacrificial ritual but now the government of india has banned it . Every year during the navratras thousands of devotees come to Kalimath Temple for the blessing of goddess kali mata .A special pooja is done on the mid night of 8th navratra (kaalratri).Here are two other temples also which are dedicated to Mahasaraswati & Laxmi ,in laxmi temple akhand dhuni is continuously burning .

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Kalimath Temple in rudraprayag

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how to reach Kalimath Temple  – It is very easy to access this temple . nearest Bus Station is guptakashi which is at the distance of 13 km from here . one can take the bus or taxy to reach here .

Distance from Rudraprayag is around 49.8 km .If you are traveling through your own vehicle then you can access it more easily , here is no need of trekking to reach the temple.

Distances from different places is following-

  1. Rishikesh -197km
  2. delhi – 436km
  3. dehradun-233km