Mathiyana Devi Mandir Photo By Aastha ChamoliMathiyana Devi Mandir Photo By Aastha Chamoli

Siddh Peeth Mathiyana devi Mandir / Temple is located in Rudraprayag District of Uttarakhand state. This temple is located Situated in Bhardar patti above silgoan near Tilwara. This temple is one of the popular 51 Siddh/ Shakti Peeth. As we all know Uttrakhand is land of gods where there are thousands of holy temples where people around the world come for the blessing of deities. Every year During the Navratri A big festival is organized here by Mandir Samiti in which thousands of devotees come from Different part of country. Here The Photo given below is taken By Aastha Chamoli. She said that here is a trek of around 2 km from main road to get the main temple and devotees who believe in goddess don’t get tired during the trek. Here are many Bells (Ghanti) around the temple which makes this mandir/ Temple more beautiful. One can see awesome view of Himalaya and many green forest of Deodaar/ Devdar Trees around the temple.

Mathiyana Devi Mandir Photo By Aastha ChamoliMathiyana Devi Mandir Photo By Aastha Chamoli

Mathiyana Devi Mandir Photo By Aastha Chamoli

History of Mathiyana Devi Mandir / temple

Here are two stories associated with Mathiyana Devi Mandir / Temple . According to legends here One of the Body Part of Goddess Sati is worshiped. Legends of gods Shiva was Angry when Sati jumped Into the Hawan Kund. Shiva took her body in his Shoulders For years they wandered through anger and preoccupied. To consider the critical situation  there was a meeting of all the gods,because they knew Lord Shiva’s anger are capable of destroying the world.Finally, it was decided that Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan Chakra . Without the knowledge of the Lord Shiva, vishnu,  cut Sati’s body into 51 pieces from Sudarshan Chakra. So one of the part fall down here.

According to another legends Maa Mathiya Is the Kul Devi of Bahrdaari Dynasty. According to folk tales Maa Mathiyana was married to a Tibetan prince. Her step mother killed him and Goddess appears when Mathiyana Maa goes to Suraj Prayag for suicide. Then Goddess punishes all thre culprits who. In every three years a big yagya is organized here in which large number of devotees participate and get the blessing of goddess Mathiyana Maa

How to reach Mathiyana Devi mandir

Mathiyana devi mandir easy to access. One can reach here by taking bus or taxi. Distance of this temple from dehradun is around 180 km. You have to Trek around 2 km from main road to get  main temple.