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IMG-20160902-WA0012 DSC_0157 DSC_0156 DSC_0127 DSC_0123 DSC_0121 DSC_0113 _MG_1942Geography and over view of Surkanda devi temple-  Surkanda devi temple is a center of faith and trust of hindus which is dedicated to godess parvati. Surkanda devi temple is located in TIHRI district at the distance of 33.9 km from mussoorie . It is at an altitude of about 2,757 metres, or 9976 ft. Here is about 1.5 km trek to reach main temple from the road. Surrounded by dense forest and providing himalaya view make more beautiful this temple. every year millions of devotees travel here from all over india.this area is full of snow in winter season which attracts tourists . Ganga Dussehra festival held each year in May is here, when hundreds of pilgrims come to pay their homage.

story behind surkanda devi temple – this temple is associated with myth of sati daughter of god-king daksha and wife od lord Shiva . Daksha was not happy  with his daughter’s choice of husband, and when he performed a grand Vedic sacrifice for all the deities, he did not invite Shiva and  Sati. In the insult of her husband( Lord Shiva ) Sati threw herself onto the fire, knowing that this would make the sacrifice impure. Because she was the all-powerful mother goddess, Sati left her body in that moment to be reborn as the goddess Parvati. Meanwhile, Shiva was stricken with grief and rage at the loss of his wife. Anger Lord Shiva danced macabre, Ganas freed from his shackles and ordered them to cut the head of the Daksha and the gods frightens it. Tearful and begged pardon of the gods urged meet Let Daksha Yagya. But the head of Daksha had been cut, so cut off the head of a goat and the body was shifted to the efficient concluded that he could sacrifice.

 From Havan Kund, Lord Shiva’s lying sati’s body on his shoulder-. For years they wandered through anger and preoccupied. To consider the critical situation  there was a meeting of all the gods,because they knew Lord Shiva’s anger are capable of destroying the world.

Finally, it was decided that Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshan Chakra . Without the knowledge of the Lord Shiva, vishnu,  cut Sati’s body into 51 pieces from Sudarshan Chakra. Wherever a perfect  piece drop  to the ground power   was created.

As an example of this is the Surkanda devi temple where the goddess Sati’s neck fell . Similarly in Chandrabdni Devi bottom of her body part fell. .

how to reach surkanda devi temple,travel guidesurkanda devi is well connected by dhanaulti-chamba road. and one can reach here by bus or booking a taxi .

  • distance from mussoorie -33.9km
  • distance from dehradun -61 km
  • distance from devprayag- 113km