Badrinath Dham Tour and travel Photos

As delhi is a poplar city of India, and lot’s of people visit to char dham yatra from delhi to be happy and enjoy the beauty of nature. So if you are planning to book a CharDham tour from delhi by bus, traveler, car, volvo, helicopter contact us here.

Delhi Is the Capital of India where there are people of different culture, Religion and nations. Now a days people of Delhi use to travel in Hill areas like Himanchal Pradesh , Uttarakhand Specially they use to come on Char Dham Tour From Delhi. So for all those tourists, Devotees , Adventure lovers and explorers we have a good thing for you which will help you definitely. Here In this post we will tell you about Char Dham Tour Route , Travel Guide, How to reach and things to do in Char Dham. People use to come These Dham by Bus and Car so here we will provide you some routes of Buses and cars so that you can easily reach your destination without any trouble. Name of Famous char Dhams are Kedarnath , Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri . All these Dhams are located in different Districts of Uttarakhand State and every Dham is dedicated to Particular Deity. Special thing about these Dham is they are just open for six month mostly from May Starting to October. During the winter season Dham are closed due to cold weather. People can not access these Dham at that time so the main Idol is worshiped at another place for six months.

Book Char Dham Yatra Tour from Delhi by Car, Bus, Volvo & Route Guide

Char Dham Tour From Delhi by Bus, Car

There are so many Travel Agencies Which are providing cheap Tour services for Char Dham From Delhi by Bus and Car. If you are planning to Visit Char Dham By Bus or car  then you can follow our tour guide. We will also suggest you all the places to visit in these Holy places. So the travel Guide and Tour Route of Char Dham From Delhi is given below-

Delhi to Haridwar – 210 km (6 hours) Here you can take bath on Holy River Ganga which is very religious for Hindu people.
Haridwar to Barkot – 220 km (7 hours) Barkot is small town located in Uttarakhashi District of Uttarakhand. You can Stay here in night. Hotels and restaurants are available here. Most of people stay here because they reach here evening so they got tiered from their long journey from haridwar to Barkot.

Book Char Dham Yatra Tour from Delhi by Car

Book Char Dham Yatra Tour from Delhi by Car

Barkot to Yamunotri – 36 km (drive) + 7 kms by trek Early In the morning Tourists and Pilgrims use to Start their journey with fresh mind and Positive energy. Here is a beautiful trek of 7km. Its best place for Trekking lovers. Cold water streams and small waterfalls on the trek path give the relief to tourists.Yamunotri is the origin of Yamuna River which is considered as one of the holiest river of the country
Barkot to Uttarkashi – 100 km (4 hours) After Darshan Of Yamuna Mata people use to visit next Dham that Is also located in Uttarkashi District. It takes 4 hours to reach from Barkot to Uttarkashi.
Uttarkashi to Gangotri – 100 km (4 hours) Gangotri is a beautiful Dham which is the origin or river Ganga. After reaching Gangotri Dham most of Trekking lovers use to do the trek of Gangotri glacier which is 19 km from Main Temple. In between Gangotri glacier and main temple there is Gaumukh which is the origin of holy river Ganga.
Uttarkashi to Rudraprayag – 180 km (7-8 hours) Now tourists use to visit Kedarnath Dham so they come to Rudraprayag. Rudraprayag is at the confluence of River Mandakini and Alaknanda . Many tourists use to stay here in the night so that they can get start their journey to Kedarnath in early morning.
Rudraprayag to Kedarnath – 74 kms (drive) + 20 kms trek (New Route) Kedarnath is a holy temple which is dedicated to legends of gods Shiva. It is believed that the temple was made by Pandavas. Main idol of this temple is Shiva Linga. Which is worshiped by devotees of Shiva and Ghee is applied on the main Idol. Kedarnath dham was affected by disaster on june 2013 which changed the map of this Holy Dham. Earlier here was the trek of 14 km from Gaurikund to Kedarnath but after disaster it became around 20 km. But if you believe in the Bholenath (Legend of Gods ) then you will never get tiered of this trek. During the trekking you can see many small Waterfalls and cold water streams which gives the relief to all the trekkers, Devotees and Tourists.
Rudraprayag to Badrinath – 160 km (6-7 hours) After the Darshan of kedarnath Pilgrims use to get the blessing of badrinath Dham which is dedicated to Vishnu. Badrinath dham is beautiful Dham which is well connected to the road. Badrinath Dham is most visited dham among four Dhams. In between Ruidraprayag and Badrinath there are so many places to visit like Auli, Joshimath, valley of flowers, Hemkiund Saheb etc. In Badrinath dham there are many other places to visit like Mana, Bheem Pul , Vasudhara, Vyas Gufa, Ganesha Gufa, Mata Murti Temple etc.
Badrinath to Rishikesh – 297 kms (10-11 hours) After completing the tour of Char Dham From Delhi by Bus or Car tourists return to their home by with lots of memories , experience , and blessing. When Tourists go to Rishikesh from Badrinath they visit to many temples like Dharidevi etc which comes on the the way of Rishikesh. Devprayag is also on the way of rishikesh so pilgrims take the bath at this holy confluence and collect the ganga water.
Rishikesh to Delhi – 230 km (6 hours) Last tourist place during the Char Dham Tour from Delhi by Bus or Car is Rishikesh which is one of the most visited place of Uttarakhand known for Yoga Learning and adventure sports like river rafting, bungee jumping, Air safari etc.
So if you want to book you tour from delhi to char dham, badrinath, kedarnath, yamunotri and gangotri dham so fill the booking form above given and we will arrange cheapest cost booking for you.